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Zoltán Kovács

An innovative and passionate artist, expanding the boundaries of the clarinet

"Zoltán Kovács love of the clarinet was not only heard in his technical perfection: on stage he appeared to be lost in a completely different world, a world of depth and passion." - Badische Zeitung

At the age of 18, following his triumph at the "Concertino Prague" competition, Zoltán embarked on an international career. Supported by his teachers, the clarinet legend Dieter Klöcker and the renowned composer Jörg Widmann, he was awarded many significant prizes. While studying in Freiburg Zoltán received scholarships from the German Economic Forum’s Cultural Council and the cultural foundation "Villa Musica".

Zoltán’s playing, noted for its refinement and fluidity as well as its distinctive style, has been praised in concert reviews: "Zoltán Kovács produces the highest level of personal expression, whether it be in the extremes of dynamics, the subtlety of tone quality and pitch, or in its precise dialogue with the piano." - Pforzheimer Zeitung

As a soloist with the Munich and Prague chamber orchestras Zoltán Kovács has had the opportunity to develop and find expression for his creative potential. He has performed under the direction of Sir Yehudi Menuhin, Chick Corea, Heinz Holliger, Michael Sanderling and Péter Eötvös. Zoltán is a much sort after partner at renown festivals such as the Heidelberger Spring, the Schumannfest Düsseldorf, the European Music Festival Stuttgart and the Berliner Festspiele. He performs regularly as guest artist throughout Europe with Ensemble Consortium Classicum, Ensemble Ascolta, Ensemble Modern, Vogler Quartett and the Minguet Quartett.

As an enthusiastic pedagogue he has been teaching since 2005 at the State Music Academy Trossingen and lectures at several international masterclasses. The Hungarian clarinettist, Zoltan Kovacs, brings along the passion to impart his knowledge and exprience to his appointment as "Instrumentalist" at the Music Academy in Lodz, Poland. Besides having a PhD, in 2013 he received the highest possible academic qualification in Europe and Asia, the "Habilitation". Zoltán’s stylistic security and the uniqueness of his artistic interpretation are grounded in a deep theoretical knowledge and understanding, which have shaped the aesthetics of his innovative artistry.

The catalogue of works composed for and premiered by Zoltán also testify to the extent of his artistic endeavours, including works by Roland Leistner-Mayer, Marcell Dargay, Hans Tutschku, Michael Maierhof and Robert Delanoff. These have been documented by numerous recordings, radio and television productions.

Since 2008 Zoltán Kovács was going to work as teacher and soloist at the masterclass of the chamber music week of the German Mozart-Society and at the orchestra work period of the International Regions Symphony Orchestra Baden-Württemberg.

Some of Zoltán Kovács highlights in the year 2016 are the chamber music-tour with the memebers of Radio Symphony Orchestra Frankfurt in Hesse (Beethoven Septet and Schubert Octet) and two world premieres of Bernd Redmann’s new work and Robert Delanoff's „Ryoanji“. Besides he gives a lecture on the symposium of methodology at the Academy of Music in Wroclaw.

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